How To Start A Small Business In Dubai

Dubai is rapidly growing in to a major global attraction for businesses and investors. Regardless of their industry or their products and services everyone wants to come to Dubai to setup business as this is the kind of market which gives returns. It is filled with a multi-cultural population which has diverse needs and wants and they have the money to fulfill their needs. Whether you are selling products or services Dubai has the customer base to purchase any product whether it is cheap or the most expensive in the world.

Moreover, the government and monetary agencies in Dubai have created an economic environment which promotes businesses and ensures that investors have a safe market in which they can invest. Dubai is offering several investor friendly schemes to attract the attention of businessmen. Whether you want to start a large company or a small one, Dubai is the place to be.

This article will cover some basic steps about what you need to do to get started with a business in Dubai.

  1. Find A UAE National To Sponsor Your Business

Having a locally registered LLC organization is the best way to take full advantage of Dubai’s investor’s friendly market. However getting a local LLC is only possible if there is local UAE national who has a 51% or more partnership in the venture. This UAE national who will be a member of your company is known as the sponsor. The sponsor is paid an annual fee and can help along with the way when setting up your firm, as there are several registration and operation requirements which can only be fulfilled by a local national.

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